's Food Expo

We had the pleasure of decorating Brooklyn’s most famous landmark, the spectacular former Williamsburgh Savings Bank Clocktower at One Hanson for’s Local Food & Travel Expo. An Art Deco masterpiece, this building is a site to see!  Soaring 63-ceilings tell the story of New York’s past through iconography, mosaic murals, carved teller stations and 22 kinds of marble.  The power of balloons is illustrated through these photos.  Here you have an architectural icon accented with balloon decor! The notion that balloons are just for kids is put to rest after seeing this fantastic setup!

Each Romanesque column was accented with a 30’ foot single line column created on twine.  To represent the different food groups at the expo, various colors were used, which also doubled as visual queues to direct attendees to specific areas of the venue.  To add a pop of color to the vault, over 100 red and blue balloons were used.

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